The Break-Up Made Him Do It

November 29 at 9:56 pm | Posted in Excuses, Excuses | 5 Comments
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drunkguy1I’ve decided I need to create a blog post series about stupid things people do and then blame on a relationship break-up. I thought the shoplifting story was bad enough, but we now have to add arson to the mix.

So, here’s the most recent recipe for break-up stupidity:

Take one 36 year-old Scottish guy, break his heart, saturate his brain in alcohol, and watch him set his seventh-floor apartment on fire while leaving his kitten inside wrapped in a damp towel and stuffed under the couch.

Kittycide is deplorable and it certainly didn’t help this guy’s case that there were 160 other apartment residents he put in danger by setting the blaze. When he returned home, he lied to the cops, saying he was away camping. Of course, witnesses watching him walk out of the burning building with a backpack killed his alibi.

Thankfully, the firemen saved the kitten. No one else was harmed by the fire. And Mr. Unhappy Camper is going to jail for 20 months.

He wins the official Break-Up Diet WTF Were You Thinking award. Wouldn’t it have been a lot less trouble to burn a few old pictures and letters in the fireplace?


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