Annette Fix is pleased to announce that her memoir, The Break-Up Diet is receiving a great response from readers. And she loves to receive email from readers who want to share their stories with her.



The Break-Up Diet is delicious. Heartbreaking and humorous…any woman can relate.~ Jill Soloway, author of Tiny Ladies in Shiny Pants, and writer for ABC’s Grey’s Anatomy

In this delectable memoir, Annette Fix serves up a fresh, funny, honest, and insightful dish of sex and the single mom.~
Colleen Sell, Editor, A Cup of Comfort series


An uplifting tale
“…The Break-Up Diet” is highly recommended for memoir shelves and for any women in need of an uplifting tale of someone in a predicament not so different from their own.” ~
Midwest Book Review (5 stars)

THE BREAK-UP DIET: a sure, heartbreaking way to lose weight.
“…Wow! That’s the only word I can use to describe Annette Fix’s memoir in THE BREAK-UP DIET. By the end of THE BREAK-UP DIET I had gone through a multitude of emotions that ran from laughter, teary-eyed, agreement and joyfulness. This truly was a heartfelt story that I enjoyed immensely. ” ~

Fascinating look at relationships “…The Break-Up Diet is a romantic, humorous, inspiring and beautiful story about starting over after a relationship abruptly ends. Any person who has ever gone through heartbreak will find joy and solace in Annette’s story. The writing was engaging and very humorous…  A fabulous debut and an author to look out for! GREAT book!!” ~ (5 stars)


A light-hearted look at a serious subject
This book is extremely relatable; virtually every woman will see herself in at least some of Fix’s experiences and emotions. I also think that a number of men might enjoy reading Fix’s story, as it would provide them with some amusing, insider’s views of the opposite sex. Overall, I found this book to be enjoyable, entertaining, and a very quick read, and I would definitely recommend it, with a final rating of 4 1/2 stars.” ~ by Beth Colette, Amazon Top 10 reviewer (4.5 stars)


Cover to cover – every word
“I couldn’t put this book down. Annette grabs ahold of the reader in the first paragraph and takes you on the ride with her…  A must-read for every woman who struggles with love, sadness and triumph.”
~ by Barbara J. Jacobucci in Seattle, WA ( 5 stars)

Fun to read!!!
“The Break Up Diet is energetic, humorous and refreshingly genuine as the author lays herself open to EVERYTHING! It makes you feel good and sympathetic/empathetic at the same time…you will cry, laugh and lose yourself in this one!!” ~
by Judy Goss in New York, NY (5 stars)

Compulsively readable
“I first cracked open this book for a quick look, just to find out what I’d be reading once I officially started it. Three hours later, after midnight on a weekday, I was halfway done.

Fix’s writing style is simple and fun; you’ll almost feel like she’s a friend you’ve been hanging out with when you’re finished. Her story, despite the title, is actually about moving on, finding the courage to try again, and trusting a good thing when it finally does come along. It’s also about having the inner strength to stick to your dreams and convictions, and to remember that they (and you) are worth investing in.  The best part about this modern love story is that it’s true.” ~ J. Christenbury in NC (4 stars)

Single Moms who have been dumped…. must read!
“Annette Fix’s memoir of her devastating break up, subsequent weight loss, and path to getting a new life is raw, real, and hilarious… Annette is a model for all of us in getting our grooves back after a break-up! When in the depths of a break-up of your own, reach for a pint of Ben and Jerry’s and Annette’s refreshingly honest book.” ~ by Karen M. Gagne in Santa Cruz, CA (4 stars)

A Superb Piece of Chick Lit!
“What a superb piece of Chick Lit! In this genre, The Break-Up Diet merits 5 stars. The reason I know that this book is dynamite Chick Lit is that when I reached the middle, I sat in a chair and read the rest, non-stop. Annette Fix’s realistic dialogue and intense hunt for The Perfect Man just grabbed me and wouldn’t let go. And, I love happy endings, which the Break-Up Diet served up perfectly…”
~ by Brenda Frank in McLean, VA (5 stars)

Non stop laughter
“This is a wonderful book to have women read. Most women have gone through the experiences Annette Fix illustrates in this diary inspired book. It will make you laugh, cry, and wonder where your “happily-ever after” will occur. It is easy reading and very entertaining. A great book to have as a conversational piece.”~ by Sherrie Alexander (5 stars)

Is there such a thing as a love thriller?
“I laughed, I cried, I even bit my nails a bit. Is there such a thing as a love thriller? If so, this is it…  Prepare to crack up then cry then crack up again because Annette can do anything other writers can do but she does it while wearing stilettos.” ~
by J Quillin in Oceanside, CA (5 stars)

great read!
“I loved this book. I finished it in about a day and a half. Annette Fix does a wonderful job in allowing you to relate to her as well as the other characters in the book. it is written in diary form, but reads like a novel. anyone who enjoys chick lit will appreciate this book as well as those who have suffered thru a breakup.” ~
by Kate in Hamilton Square, NJ (5 stars)

The Perfect Book
“Annette Fix’s debut novel, “The Break-Up Diet: a Memoir,” is a wonderfully funny and witty commentary on life, love and starting over… “Break-Up Diet” is well written, full of great one-liners, and is a very quick read… More than once I found myself laughing out loud with Annette’s snappy writing style… I would highly recommend it to anyone, and only hope that there will be more novels in the future of a similar vein. ~
by Kristin in Rockville, MD (5 stars)

Stripper with a heart of gold
“I loved this book. I met the author in person and she is a doll. Having spent my adolescence in Orange County I can say a LOT of this book rang true for me, and my experiences. The author is funny, honest, and heart-breakingly blunt. Fast, wonderful read.” ~ by Jillian Clemmons in West Hollywood, CA (4 stars)


“The Break-Up Diet” by Annette Fix was one of the best books I’ve read in a while… There are portions of the book that are laugh out loud funny, and others that made me slightly teary-eyed. I am currently going through my own break-up diet and this book is a must read for anyone who is going through or has ever been through a rough break-up. Highly recommended. ~ by Rita in Bakersfield, CA (5 stars)

“I received an advance copy of this through Library Thing, and I really enjoyed it. This is a memoir of a woman who survives a break-up and comes out the other side a better person, with a better relationship. The “twist” of the story is that she is a single mom who is making ends meet by topless dancing while trying to establish herself as a writer. I’m so glad she was able to persevere in the writing, because she has a very fresh, easy style that is fun to read and quite entertaining.” ~ by Jennifer in Tucson, AZ (5 stars)

“I absolutely loved this book. I was stunned at the candor and freshness of the voice that jumped out of the pages. As I read through the book, I felt upset, applauded, and basically got really involved in Annette’s life. I found myself reading recipes out loud to my friends, all of us appreciating the amazing wit and word choice. I am going to recommend this book to all of my friends, sisters, and my mom. This book is perfect even for those who haven’t suffered a heart break yet.” ~ by Laura in Minneapolis, MN (5 stars)

“This book read like Chick Lit, and I couldn’t put it down! I loved it! Although not meant for the prim and proper, I loved Ms. Fix’s style and she told her story with such honesty…  I can’t wait to see what Annette Fix has in store for us next and you can be sure I will be watching for her next release.” ~ by Denise in Plantsville, CT (5 stars)

“This heartwarming book is the true story of a young woman in turmoil…This true story was a very smooth, fast read. I loved the short chapters and the very witty and humorous “recipes” that were scattered throughout the book, relating to her journey to heal from heartbreak and find true love.

I found this book to be quite endearing and hard to put down. I would highly recommend this to any woman who has experienced love and loss. Nice ending, too!” ~ by Julie in Peoria, IL (4 stars)

“…The Break-Up Diet is a fast, enjoyable read that held my attention from the first page to last. Written in diary format, the book captures the reality of life after an unexpected break-up, and women, especially, will identify with it. This story expresses a wide range of emotion from humorous highs to the lows of desperation and despair. Yet no matter how distressing or depressing, there is an overriding tone of optimism that everything will work out fine.

I appreciated the author’s straightforward account, but admit there were some details of her dating activities that could have benefited from a more delicate approach. The pseudo-recipes correspond to events in the story and while not essential, are a nice touch. Overall, I enjoyed this memoir and would recommend it to others.” ~ by Dawn in Venice, FL (4 stars)

…I thoroughly enjoyed Annette’s style and wit in The Break-Up Diet – I sped through the book in no time. I was quite surprised that I related to her story even though I am a southern belle, leading a vastly different lifestyle than the Orange County supermom. I am also impressed with the book’s companion website. I am already looking forward to her next endeavor but, next time, please cool it with the too-cute chapter titles and recipes, they were over the top!” ~ by Trisha in Drexel, NC (4 stars)

“…Fix’s writing is funny, catchy, honest, and easy to read.  I found the book to be honest, fun, well written, and just generally a good read.” ~ by Erin in Albany, NY (4 stars)

“…This memoir is an enjoyable read. Ms. Fix definitely has a knack for getting down on paper the emotions and frustrations that are part and parcel of being dumped by someone you really, really love… Ms. Fix really bares all (pun intended) and the reader gets a good look into the life of someone who is trying her best to pull it all together.” ~ by Natasha in GA (4 stars)

“This memoir reads like chick lit, the good kind. I kept forgetting it wasn’t a novel as I read it. Every “character” feels real and Annette’s voice is so authentic. It’s a quick read and fun, even when working through some really tough, emotional stuff. It’s not the kind of thing I usually read, but enjoyed it. If you like Jennifer Weiner’s work (and I definitely do), you’ll probably like this.” ~ by Kaijsa in Laramie, WY


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  1. HI Annette,

    What an interesting blog and book idea.

    I came to your site after searching in for info on using a Paypal Buy Now button. I saw in several forums that Buy Now could not be used due to the Java script. Then I saw your post and wanted to see what changed for you to be able to use the button. I understand about selling your own things on your blog, but I thought Java use was pretty hard and fast.

    Did you have to get permission from Support?



    • Holly,
      For the creative and determined, there is always a way around everything. =) When you can’t go through the door, find an open window.

      The PayPal “buttons” on my site are merely a single graphic that is hyperlinked to the book’s PayPal sales page. No Java necessary.
      1) Search Google Images for PayPal logo jpg.
      2) Upload it to your media library.
      3) Insert it on the page where you want it.
      4) Select the image by clicking on it, click the “link” symbol to insert a hyperlink.
      5) Paste in the URL of your PayPal sales form page.
      Volia! Fully functioning PayPal “button.”
      * I did the same thing by linking the book thumbnail in the blog sidebar to the PayPal sales page too.

  2. Thanks, Annette for the response. Sorry for the delay. I hadn’t checked this section before and didn’t know I had any mail.

  3. Dear Annette, having just had a response from one book reviewer that they don’t look at vanity press publications I was uplifted by your tips for getting reviews. It would seem tome the old demarkations have fallen away but some people still don’t get it. So thanks for inspiring me to keep going. Fiona

  4. Fiona,
    Many reviewers do have strict policies against reviewing vanity/subsidy published books because so many times the design, editing, and writing turns out to be subpar compared to traditionally published books, but they’ll often review self-published books (like mine, pubbed by my own company). I wish you the best of luck with your publishing adventure. Good things can happen. Laurie Notaro originally subsidy pubbed with iUniverse. =)

  5. I realise that – it is so frustrating since my book was originally published by a traditional publisher and sold out! It also won the National Book Council Award for New Writer’s. I wanted to republish it myself simply to have control and an international audience.

  6. That’s a tough situation, but it looks like you’re covering all your bases (Smashwords, et al.). I’d recommend focusing on marketing directly to your target audience. Don’t worry about the reviewers. Your readers are the only ones who really matter. =)

  7. You are right it is about the readers – and thank you for your support – sitting here in hot Sydney trying to market in the US can at times by isolating. So thank you so much for your advice.

  8. Hello Annette and the ladies.., after reading the book I sent this blurb out to all my closes ladyfriends.., any feed-back I am will to take..(smile).., right in the face most likely..!!

    Good Morning Sweetest Ones..,
    My Lord I’m the luckiest guy in the world..! The other day I was again prowling through one of my favorite thrift shops and found a book titled, The Break-Up Diet, written by Annette Fix..!! Now, why an old grizzled womanizer like myself should be interested in this type of book was (is.?) beyond me, but this lady writes in just the most informative way.., and she doesn’t hold anything back..!!
    She even has a website at and when you go there, scroll down about half-way to where there’s a recorded message from one of the most egotistical bastards a woman would ever have to put up with..!! If I could, I’d mail you a copy of this book, and expect that your heart would for evermore armor-plated against breaking-Up with anybody you might ever fall in love with..!!
    I know, I know.., I’m shooting myself in the foot (or elsewhere..?), but damn’mit.., truthfulness cleanses the soul once in awhile.., plus I can always start over again in a couple weeks or so…(chuckle)..!! You’ve put up with me over the years, so now here’s a great chance to join a ladies club and gain back some respect..!! Now, how’s all that sound..(chuckle)..!! Not me.., right..? Are you still there..? Mike..!!

  9. Is this more of a narrative story or does it have any focus on self-help/actions for the readers to follow?

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