Annette Fix published numerous articles and editorials in her high school newspaper, located in a town full of trailer parks and meth labs. She moved on to write a campus lifestyle column for a community college newspaper until her 4.0 grade-point average propelled her into a private university.annettesnewheadshott

Once there, she worked 40 hours a week, attended school fulltime, and cared for her beautiful toddler son. Annette dropped out of college 8 units short of graduation because she refused to rewrite her thesis. She still believes absurdist theatre is a vital contribution to world dramaturgy.

Annette went on to have grand aspirations of writing the next great American novelty. On her journey toward that lofty goal, she often found inspiration while busting her tail working as an exotic dancer to support her son and feed her writing habit.

She is currently designing ancillary merchandise such as T-shirts, chocolate-scented perfume, and an emaciated action figure to promote her memoir, The Break-Up Diet. These products will be sold in the alley after her spoken-word readings in Los Angeles. Her local bookstore already served her with a restraining order for holding Meet-the-Author sessions in the ladies’ room before she had any tangible products.

Annette currently lives in a state of confusion about life, relationships, and why high-rise jeans made a comeback. Her dog, Pal, a goofy Staffordshire Terrier, is the only thing that keeps her sane. Annette was empty-nested by Wonderboy, her commercial photographer son, who she regularly stalks on FB & IG. Wonderboy is her magnum opus, but The Break-Up Diet: A Memoir is her first book.

To contact Annette, email: annettefix[at]gmail[dot]com


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  1. Hey Annette,
    I found you as a recommendation from someone on Twitter (are you on?) and I went to you (awesome) site to find out more about you. I am writing my first book and I have a gazillion questions if you have the time/inclination. Barb Tobias, The Thrift Diva (Formerly The Dog Lady; trainer for 25 years) 🙂

  2. Saw your book while browsing in Barnes & Noble one day and proceded to read the entire book! Very well written. Kudos.

    • Gina,
      I’m glad you enjoyed it! You must be a speed reader if you got through the entire book while you were in the bookstore! Either that or it was a fast read! LOL I’d love if you’d post a review on Amazon. =)

  3. Hey Annette!
    Since I’m friends with your lil sis on FaceBook, I saw your page and came here. Wow! I love your blogs. So happy to hear you finally found your marital bliss. Oh, I don’t know if you remember me… my grandma lived across the street from you guys in Bloomington. I helped your sis babysit your son a few times when he was a baby. Anyhow… just wanted to say hi and so nice to see you are doing well.

    Take Care,
    Karen (maiden name was Scott)

    P.S. – I’m sure you remember my “bad-boy” brother Tim. Haha. Yes, still up to his antics.

  4. Hey Karen!

    Of course I remember you! Your grandma was such a sweetheart. She always let me and my friends pick pomegranates off her tree in the front yard. =) Thanks for reaching out to say hello. =)

  5. I just finished reading the Kindle version of the Break Up Diet and loved it!
    Are the friends in the book based on real life and if so, what happened with those relationships?
    I guess that I got wrapped up in that aspect of your life as well as the romantic part, ha ha!

    • Niki,

      Thanks for stopping by to let me know you enjoyed my book! If you get a chance, I’d love to have you write a review on Amazon. =)

      As for the friends you read about, a few are still around. Valerie and I are Facebook “friends.” I haven’t talked with Bonita, Heather, or Tyler in years. Tawny (sex toys r us) is still a dynamo. She moved out of state, but we talk on the phone for hours each week. I lost touch with Bryce (three’s a crowd) and Jaimee (turkey fest) soon after I quit the club. Ryan is engaged and we’re friends on FB. Kevin is still a golf pro, moved to SC, is married and has a couple of kids. He contacted me online and asked for a signed copy of the book. (Yeah, that was a shocker.) The Loomis family is growing (13 grandkids) and they’re still my second family. Josh is fabulous. Out on his own and forging his path as a professional photographer. Steven is still the love of my life. I think that about covers it. That’s the mini-series version of the sequel. LOL

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