I Can’t Believe He Broke Up with Me…

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love-affirmationsI’m not sure there is anything worse than the loss of a great love.

The sun is setting…your arms are wrapped around the waist of your Prince Charming…you both gallop together on the back of a white horse toward happily-ever-after… Then WHAM! You get flipped off the back and end up on your ass in the dirt with a bruised spirit and and a broken fingernail. And yes, it sucks to get dumped.

But the true judge of a guy’s character is to look at HOW he breaks up with you. I got dumped over the phone. Okay…so maybe he’s not the confrontational type, but waking me up in the morning to break up with me over the phone from the place where he works—when we LIVED together! I’d say that’s a bit more than non-confrontational.

I suppose it could be worse… He could’ve text paged me, or sent me an email, or shoved a letter up the ass of a carrier pigeon…

I guess the result would be the same. I’d still be left sitting in the middle of my bed, surrounded by snow drifts of tear-soaked Kleenex, eating a jar of hot fudge topping for breakfast.

That’s how it all starts on page one of my memoir, “The Break-Up Diet.” Stay tuned for the rest of the story…

And I’m curious, tell me, dear readers, what tops YOUR list of the worst way you’ve ever been dumped?



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  1. I can’t wait to read this book!

  2. Boy, can I relate! I dated a guy who turned out to be a creep when he dumped me and had his sister tell me he was seeing someone else! I didn’t believe her until I saw him with his arm wrapped around his new babe. Talk about young and gullible. For the record, I didn’t take him back 🙂

  3. Good for you! He obviously didn’t deserve to be with you anyway. What a coward. But you mention you were young…so maybe that was as much as he could manage at the time. It would be interesting to see how he is now–if he’s still slinking out of relationships. Do they ever change?

  4. I think I’m going to buy 10 of these books and randomly leave them on a few well deserving doorsteps! Must we wait for Valentines day to hear the rest of the story!!!!

  5. The book is available for pre-order now at Amazon.com, but the copies won’t ship until the release date of February 14th 2008.

    You can subscribe to the blog and get a mini preview. I’m writing little teasers about what happens on each day in the journal entries in the book.

    Stay tuned for more!

  6. oh my god, i’m all over this book when it comes out.

    i’m also on the break-up diet, for a month or so now..

    my ex broke up with me like this: went on a “business trip,” hooked up with a woman he met on MySpace, apparentlt fell in love, and chose to break it off with me by just not coming home, until i got the hint and moved out.

    he moved his new woman in before i was moved out all the way. it was great.

    oh well. 20 lbs down, 20+ to go.

  7. JemimaJoy,

    YIKES! What a story! You should go to the Break-Up Story Forum on my website and leave the details of your story there! Go to http://www.thebreak-updiet.com and scroll down and click on the blue scale to “Weigh In.”

    Send your girlfriends over there too if they have break-up stories to share. I think the forum will be a blast once I can get the word out about it. So, tell a friend! =)

  8. Annette, Hi it’s me Trezenda (Rife)
    Moran..Hint–If you remember me I went to high school with you…I am reading your contents of your book and am amazed that not only I had a funny breakup story but there are others too…My ex-husband after 10 years of marriage and of which I dated in high school for 2 years decided to leave me and my 2 children for an UGLY MAN…Now of which he has given aids to that his boyfriend has recently died from and he is suffering from at this particular moment…Of which by the luck of GOD I never contracted because it was gotten 2 weeks after he left me…So as you can see I have been from hell and back and have gone on to marry a wonderful man who has gone on to raise my son and daughter who are now 20 & 21 years old…Of which I am a grandma to elizabeth who is 2 years old…Thanks and I look forward to reading your book and sharing it in my home state of Indiana…Good going on your success..Trezenda

  9. Okay worst way I was broken up with just happened. Boyfriend of over 2 years proposes to me while we’re out to dinner. Proposes, sets the date, has me call my father so that HE can tell him the good news…and 24 hours later breaks up with me via text message..and adds, “just to let you know I don’t want your credit to be ruined or anything, but your ring is on your Macy’s card, and I won’t be making the payments. Love, Roger.” Yes, I was floored, and am still working my way through an econo bag of bbq potato chips.

  10. OMG! What a horrible (and cowardly) way for him to break off an engagement! He wins the WTF Were You Thinking? award. I’ve considered creating a Break-Up Story page so readers can share their stories. When I get it set up, I’d love to have you contribute. BTW, I love BBQ potato chips too, though the fudge topping was my break-up food of choice. Good luck, mags. I wish you the best. Just know that he doesn’t deserve you.

  11. We were together for two years and have had our share of relationship difficulites. We moved in together in January. He went out of town for 3 days to Denver for a business conference with all significantly older people, so I had no reason to not trust him. On the Friday he was suppose to come back he was sitting at the airport for 4 hours and we had been texting. Nothing serious just stuff. He then asked if I was ready for him to come back, I thought that was weird but I replied yes sir! Because I truly am the most excited girl when he comes home smiling at me. I was set to pick him up from the airport that night. We had text about how it was probably going to go back to the crazy hectic schedule he still has today… Then…. It came… “Your not going to like this coming by way of text, and I know you are going to want to call me, but don’t. I also know it’ll be difficult since we will still be living together too, but I’m breaking up with you.” that was it. Point blank…. Two years!!! And I get a text message out of the blue?! Needless to say, I called his ass and wanted an explanation. He said it’s too difficult and he wants to live out his 20’s and being around all of these older people showed him that he’s not ready for everything they had and the first things he needed to get rid of was me… Fun stuff… It’s been difficult living ever since. We just signed a year lease…. And my first one no mind. I am leaving a good portion of details out due to space and time, but it all leads down to he’s an ass and has never deserved me!

    • For sure he never deserved you. My guy did a similar thing to. Just up and decided they want to move on. Like it’s nothing! Just shake your hands and move on! Then it hits you how they didn’t really value you. It sucks!!

  12. Oh Morgan how! how are you dealing with the living situation?

  13. Morgan – I don’t know how I missed seeing your post, but I got the notice when Mag commented. WOW. Your situation totally sucks! “Kevin” and I had signed a year lease and I had the house for 10 months after he left—after he left all his furniture and stuff there and moved to an apartment. It’s hard to stay in the same place you picked out together. I hope you’re able to get out soon.

  14. Birthday breakup. He took me out to dinner at the Ritz Carlton for a five star dinner, but seemed strangely distant and a bit intoxicated. I stayed the night and awoke with a smile on my face. The next morning he said “we’re done, you need to leave, and I need to go to work.” Mind you this was five am, and he was getting dressed as he said this. As I dragged myself out the door, he apologized…saying he was “sorry that he had slept with me the night before.” yep.

    • Wow. There really are some things guys do that make you wonder WTF they’re thinking. That was cruel. Karma is a patient bitch. He’ll get his.

  15. First, I have never been dumped by a guy before. Second, the way he did it crushed me to pieces. I was pretty crazy about him, leaving me even more devistated! This all happened about 6 weeks ago (we dated for 6 months). I’ve made great strides since only because of my family helping me and determined to make it through. Why do most men not know how to be honest and just let you know there true feelings?? Anyway, near the end he started treating me almost like a stranger, but of course he had no problem in the bedroom. Ok so the day before he broke up with me I could tell something was totally off with him. I had just gotten back from a trip to see family. He picked me up from the airport. And that’s when I noticed. He put my suitcase in the car and told me to get in with no hug. I was so sad he didn’t greet me with a hug and kiss but kept quiet about it. On the ride home he asked me several questions about my trip at least. We got in the house, still no hug or kiss. He said is there anything I can get you? I got upset and said well a hug??? He hugged me then of course. It was late and he had a movie on. Before the movie ended I said I’m going to bed, I’m very tired. I was also pretty down and knew something was off. I didn’t want to “sleep” with him. He told me to wait and finish the movie and we’ll go to bed together. I reluctantly said ok. So we went to bed, he massaged me and it led into sex. I didn’t want to and faked the whole thing. I knew something wasn’t right. I do not like to snoop and never did with him. But I just had to. While he was asleep I looked at his phone and discovered he had been back on the dating site that we met on. I put the phone down. Devastated and couldn’t sleep. Woke him up and confronted him. He said he just had never canceled it. He apologized and said he would delete it. Next day we kissed each bye and I went home. (I live an hour from the airport, he lives 15 minutes from it). Later on that day, I got on the dating profile only to check and see if he had deleted it. Instead I found he added 3 more recent pictures of himself! I called him crying asking why why why. He said he wanted to move on. I cried begging him not to and told him we just got out of bed together and felt so used! I was so crushed, I can’t even explain it. He was I thought a really decent guy with a great career. I’m selective of who I date and he said he was too. I never imagined him doing this. I’m 40 years old, divorced. Been single for 5 years and finally felt like I found him. I really felt that we matched up. You just never know. I still wish he would come back to me. But after that cruel treatment, I shouldn’t want him back. Other then that, he was a good, well mannered man. Always opened doors for me and treated me pretty well. I don’t know what happened!!!

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